Golf Gift That Will Last a Lifetime –  the gift of a great putting technique.

The Gimmee Putting Trainer is a golf gift will teach your golfer how to putt like a pro by developing all of the universally-accepted fundamentals of the putting stroke and by eliminating what is the most destructive fault in golf- head movement. And all without a single technical instruction.

No other golf product will do as much to transform the most critical element of a golfer’s game.


“I have been teaching golf for 14 years and I can honestly say that if you want to learn how to putt well then you simply won’t find a better way of doing so than with The Gimmee.
It is, by far, the best putting trainer I have ever used. ”
. . .  Troy Thorne, PGA Pro, Hobbs Hole G.C., Tappahannock, Va.

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Why Your Golfer Actually Needs a Gimmee.

Because poor putting is a dreadful waste of shots.

The fact is that, statistically, the average golfer takes between 4 and 7 three-putts per round.
And almost every one of them is caused by the most destructive – and common – fault in golf.
A fault that can be cured virtually instantaneously by The Gimmee.

The only route to good putting is to practice the technique that works and not the faults that don’t!
Otherwise it is virtually impossible for a golfer to become good on the greens.

Practice makes permanent. Bad practice makes bad technique permanent.

improve putting-long range

To Learn How To Putt Like A Pro.

The Gimmee teaches all of the following :

      • You should set up with your eyes directly over the ball-target line.
      • You must aim the club-face exactly square to the target line.
      • You must swing the club on the correct plane and path through impact.
      • You must accelerate the club through the ball.
      • You should minimize the use of the smaller muscles of the hands and wrists.
      • You absolutely must not move your head throughout the entire stroke.

It’s the ideal golf gift for your ideal golfer !
We don’t know of a better one in the market.
But.. if you find one with better independent reviews . .
.. we’ll give your ours for FREE.

So just how critical is it to eliminate head-movement ?

improve putting, but not by breaking putter

Poor Putting Really Hurts.

and not just on the score card !

The vast majority of golfers would have neither the time nor the inclination to devote hours to practicing on the greens. Things like families and careers tend to militate against that.

Can you imagine just how much it would mean to your golfer if you were the one who was instrumental in radically improving 40% of the game.  Simply, effectively and permanently. In just minutes per day.

And that’s what would happen with The Gimmee. Guaranteed.

In fact, we’re so confident that The Gimmee is the best gift you will find for your golfer that if you come across a golf product with better independent reviews, we’ll give you ours for free !

improve putting - misc putters

But These Aren’t The Problem.

They are absolute masterpieces of design and technical innovation, but . . they are inanimate objects.

No doubt, if a golfer is fortunate enough to find one that matches his putting style, it can help him become a better putter.

But it can’t help him become a good putter. And there’s a world of difference.

Being good is a product of good technique-  coupled with good practice.

Now your golfer can become really good – with the best golf gift you will ever give him.

What The Pros Think about The Gimmee.

At a Champions Tour event, we asked some of the players to try out The Gimmee.

We believed that, with a lifetime on tour, these guys would not be easily impressed.

But, to be honest, we weren’t really surprised at their reaction. We already knew from our customers just how good it was. But it’s nice to be told :-)

(Our apologies for the poor quality audio in parts of the clip. We hope to have it rectified soon)

What The Pros Said About The Gimmee

And From Our Paying Customers

The Gimmee putting trainer will teach you all of the fundamentals of the putting stroke.
I honestly believe that The Gimmee is the best putting trainer that I have come across in my entire career. It’s great. I use it all the time
Any device that identifies and fixes the most costly fault in putting gets my vote. It’s excellent !
Steve Pate, ex-Ryder Cup Star.
It’s the best I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot !
Peter Senior, 2012 Australian Open Champion
I don’t normally use gadgets, but a device like this that gives immediate visual feedback is, for me, a no-brainer. I take it with me all of the time.
Rod Spittle, Champions Tour winner
This is the “real deal” in a training aid for putting. Nothing I ever tried in the past worked, until I tried the Gimmee. You will not be disappointed, and their customer service is top notch, too!
Jim Forte, USA
I really can’t describe just how much The Gimmee has improved my putting. It has literally transformed my short game.Thanks
Kay LaFoy , New York
The Gimmee is, quite simply, the best training aid I have ever used. It is brilliant – and so easy to use.  Great product.
Newton Ancarrow, Richmond, VA.
I bought a Gimmee some months ago and it is amazing how quickly and easily it transformed my putting – with no real conscious effort.  I am now staying really still during and after the a putt, and it is working like a dream.
Andrew Neil, Melbourne, Australia
Absolutely fantastic item. I couldn’t believe how quickly it improved my putting. Delivery was super quick and the seller was second to none. Personal service with real attention to specific requirements. Highly, highly recommended!!
Shona McVey
A new lease of life for my golf game.
.Jennings, New York

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