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Yes. Two AA 9-volt batteries are included with The Gimmee.
There is a built-in feature to conserve battery life.
The Gimmee is designed to power-off automatically when inactive, so that you don’t have to worry about switching it off when finished.

The Gimmee was designed primarily for indoor use.
However, it can be used outdoors, but with a couple of limitations.
Direct sunlight can make the beam difficult to see. Using in even partial shade will solve this issue.
Rain may affect the lens an, thus, the accuracy of the beam.
Also, the putting surface may suffer damage though prolonged exposure to precipitation.

Absolutely. The Gimmee works equally well for both right- and left-handed golfers.

It is simply a matter of setting up with the logo on the side furthest away from you.

There is no requirement for any other adjustment.

.The surface is less than 2mm above the ground at the point where the ball is placed. This will not affect the mechanics of your stroke.
The forward end of the device is sloped so that at ground level it is virtually flush with the ground.
When struck, the ball rolls down this slight gradient and there is no discernible interference with the roll of the ball.

As soon as you learn to stay still through the entire stroke, you will see a marked improvement in your putting.
And this should take minutes rather than hours.
However, since it is THE most essential element in putting, you cannot practice this either too much or too often !
The problem for the majority of golfers is that the urge to track the ball after striking it is almost irresistible. And the oft-given advice to keep your head down is not really the answer. What you must do is keep your head still.
Since even the tiniest movement will have an adverse effect on the outcome of your stroke, staying absolutely still simply isn’t an option if you want to be consistently good on the greens.
You may already have been given the tip to place a coin under the ball when practicing and watch for it after you strike the ball. The problem with that particular tip is that it will do nothing to prevent you from swaying, in that the coin will still be visible irrespective of how much you sway.
The Gimmee’s beam will leave you in no doubt. If you lose sight of the beam, then you have moved. If it remains visible it is because you have stayed absolutely still. You must learn to stay still. It is the only device on the market that fixes you in position from takeaway right through the ball being long gone.

If your hands and wrists are overly active when putting then it is difficult to put a consistent, repeating strike on the ball. And this is the main culprit when your distance control is poor.
Basically, you are doing something different on each stroke. If, on top of that, you are moving during the stroke then anything can happen to your putt – and none of it good !

This is the reason why virtually all pros use the ‘one-piece’ putting action which is controlled primarily by the arms and shoulders. It repeats. And it’s only when you have a repeating action that you can start to develop ‘feel’.

The Gimmee’s ‘pop-up’ features train you to initiate the putting stroke with the arms and shoulders. This is the first step to becoming consistent on the greens. It really is very important that you minimize the use of the hands and wrists. It is almost impossible to develop a repeating stroke when they are excessively active.

And when you combine this one-piece technique with the Gimmee’s main benefit – eliminating head-movement – you are well on your way to becoming a really good putter.

There is another huge benefit to be gained from the Gimmee’s laser-like beam, but this is better explained by the scientists who discovered the phenomenon referred to as The Quiet Eye – which not only teaches you how to get in The Zone but also how to stay there ! This is an article that is well worth readin !

It is not recommended !
Attempting to use all of the features at the same time can lead to a loss of focus on the only thing that really matters once you’ve completed your set-up, namely putting the purest strike possible on the ball. You must learn to never allow yourself be distracted from this. It is the key to good putting. The most important feature of the Gimmee is that its laser-like beam that trains you to focus on the precise point on the ball that must be struck in order to propel it along the selected line – while remaining absolutely still. It’s a very precise requirement – and is most unforgiving. The Gimmee teaches this precision without the confusion often caused by technical instructions. We would recommend that you practice with the other features individually in order to build muscle memory – preferably without the ball.
There can be little argument that a one-piece putting action is preferable to a ‘wristy’ stroke. It is infinitely more repeatable. Nor is there any doubt that you must accelerate the club through the ball, even on short putts. And if you don’t swing on the correct path and plane through impact, you stand virtually no chance of success.
But . . . once you are ready to pull the trigger, you must learn to exclude them from your mind. Once you address the ball, you should (must) be thinking of nothing other than seeing the beam throughout the entire stroke.
Part of the problem with putting is the incessant chatter that goes on inside our heads – all of which does nothing to help and goes a long way towards ruining our chance of executing a good stoke. For those critical few seconds between completion of the set-up and the ball being dispatched towards the target, the Gimmee teaches you how to shut out all of that chatter. It gets you in the zone for those critical few seconds.
To fully understand why this happens – and how much it improves performance, it is really well worth taking the time to read The Quiet Eye ‘. It will be time well spent.

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