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We had the Gimmee tested by some of the most respected, and objective, voices in the golf industry, including Tour players, teaching pros and leading golf media. People who aren’t easily impressed.


And most importantly, it’s been reviewed by our customers. All of the reviews below were given freely, without any inducement from us.


“ Earned our top  rating. “

” A really terrific putting trainer ”

” Will knock shots off your score ”


“Will transform even the worst stroke.” 

” The best putting aid we’ve tested.”

“ Loved it – as did all of my friends ”
. . . C. Rogers.
Golf Magazine Testing Panel.

“Best putting aid I have used ”
 . . A.H. Aaron
Golf Magazine Testing Panel.

“Excellent device – simple and really good “
. . F. Boos
Golf Magazine Testing Panel.

“Best putting aid I have used ”
 . . H.Torrington
Golf Magazine Testing Panel.


What the pros say :

” The Gimmee putting trainer will teach you all of the fundamentals of the putting stroke.”
 . . . . U.S. Ryder Cup Captain, Jim Furyk

” It’s the best I’ve come across. It’s great. I use it all the time ” . .
Former U.S. Senior Open Champion, Bruce Fleisher.

” Any device that fixes the most costly fault in putting gets my vote. Excellent !

. . . ex-Ryder Cup player, Steve Pate

” It’s just brilliant. I think every golfer – whether amateur or professional – should have one of these. I really believe it will help their game.”
Fulton Allem, PGA Pro and former Golf Channel host.

“ In Pro-Ams I see amateurs move on putts all the time.  This is the first training aid I’ve seen that fixes the problem. The best I’ve seen.
. . .
Peter Senior, former Australian Open Champion.

“A device like this that gives immediate visual feedback is, for me, a no-brainer. I take it with me all the time. “

. . . .   Rod Spittle,  Champions Tour winner,

“Teaches all of the key principles of the putting stroke and fixes the number one fault !”
. . .  Allan Bowman, Dir. Of Golf, Cherry Valley CC, Skillman, NJ.

” I can’t think of any other putting trainer that comes close to being this good.
. . . Peter Pang, Sand River GC, Hong Kong.

” Superb ! It teaches all of the fundamentals of putting.”
.  . .  Ken Martin, PGA Professional,Port Saint Lucie, Fl

 “So simple . . . it’s brilliant.”
.  .  . Roger Simpkins, Saucon Valley , Bethlehem, PA.

“Everything you need to become a really good putter” . .
John Haines, Former PGA Professional of the Year.

“Absolutely terrific. I’m quite amazed by it.
.  .  . 
Steve Smith, PGA Professional, Denmark

” I have been teaching golf for 14 years and The Gimmee is the best putting device I have ever used.
This putting aid takes a little time to master, but you will definitely see a huge improvement after just a few sessions. I highly recommend it to any serious golfer . . . you will not be disappointed !  ”
. . . Troy Thorne, PGA Pro, Hobbs Hole G.C., Tappahannock, VA.


And some of our customers :

A new lease of life for my golf game.

. . . J. Jennings, Orange County, N.Y.

Excellent product and service. Thank you very much !

. . . Gail Nemshick, MI., USA

” I have struggled on the greens for years, but this has really improved my putting. Would highly recommend it.

. . . P. Kenyon, Lancashire, U.K.

 ” I use it 3 to 4 times a week. The results are really great ! ” 

. . . Ron Zuckerman, Minneapolis

Hard to believe something this simple to use could be so effective. Saves me at least half a dozen shots per round.

. . . G. O’Brien, Birmingham, Al.

” Before I got one, I couldn’t putt for nuts. Now putting is the strongest part of my game.”

. . . Kay LaFoy, N.Y.

“This putting trainer is really very clever.”

. . . Frank Treacy, Ireland.

” Excellent product. Has already reduced my handicap. ”

. . . Alf Doboz,  UK

” Bought one for my husband for Father’s Day. He loves it. It really helps.”

. . . Mrs. F. Jickells, Huddersfield, U.K.

“The Gimmee is simply the best training aid I have ever used. It is brilliant and easy to use. It took just minutes to fix the fault that was killing my putting. I had been moving my head but was totally unaware of it. The Gimmee fixed this awful habit almost immediately. “

 . . . Newton Ancarrow, Richmond, Va.

“Straight away it showed that my set-up had been way off. It took a little time to learn to stay still during the stroke, but this made a huge difference to my putting.  Couldn’t recommend it more strongly.”

 . . . N. Crowe, Ireland.

” At first it I was a bit frustrating. I’d lose sight of the beam at the start of my back-swing.  Obviously (now !)) I was moving my head.  But I never knew that I had been. Once I mastered it, my putting improved remarkably. Great product .“

 . . . Brian McGowan, Wa.

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